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Welcome to Hijinks Magazine

Hijinks Mag is the SNL for the online/up and coming community. It will give artist, musicians, and comedians alike a chance to have fun and show off with a platform they are familiar with. Hijinks will bring a next level of collaboration and quality for the artist by providing articles (the equivalent to SNL skits) slightly out of their norm, but completely in the zone of comfort. 

What does Hijinks Magazine do?

Hijinks collaborates with local artist/creators to produce online media content. Like traditional magazines we will release the bulk of our content every month. The media we distribute will be vast from podcasts and soundtracks to short films and web series.

The Hijinks Crew uses stylish templates, pent up creativity, and the chosen monthly host to publish a quality e-magazine (MAG).


*Example of a layout we would use for a notable Model/Instagramer


What does the Host do?

Before each issue the Hijinks team will reach out to talented social creators. Once a host is selected the team will begin to create various article templates and concepts. We will rejoin with the selected host and solidify a vision for that month’s magazine The overall feel of each release will be heavily dictated by the host of the issue. Very similar to SNLs style, the host will be the grand opener. There will be articles unique to host talents as well as articles that the host played no part in but enjoyed the concept or look. 

The Host will essentially be the chief editor of their month’s magazine, and we (the Hijinks crew) will do our best to accommodate your creative vision, within budget of course.

Where Are the Monthly Issues?

The crew has been working diligently to produced multiple themes and concepts for the first issue to Debut in June. Hijinks: Zero.


You can follow the progress at the blog site


Hijinks loves company. Whether you looking to be a host, crew member or simply would like to be featured in an article drop us a line. Any and all inquiries welcomed. Encouraged.

Artist? Model? Director?